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The power of raising your hand …


The opening scene in David Lean’s 1962 classic movie, Lawrence of Arabia, has the protagonist, TE Lawrence, played by Peter O’Toole, speeding along an English back country road on his motor bike …

only to meet some bicyclists in his lane, which forces him off the road into a ditch.

No helmet, high speed, the viewer is spared the gory details by a fading shot of a spinning wheel on the downed bike, a pair of goggles hanging in a tree and an eerie silence.

The poignancy of this prologue is only fully understood when the totality of Lawrence’s experience in the middle east during the first world war is played out in the rest of the movie.

I identify with Lawrence as I ride through southern California on my motorcycle, not because I want to crash and die, but because I have lived through life’s granularity, the highs, the lows, the cancer, the two dead brothers, the joys and discomforts.

And yet it is precisely because of these experiences that I have put myself into the service of others, learning hypnotherapy and becoming certified in specific applications that help people with cancer, disease, to prepare for surgery, to deal with pain without drugs, to deal with trauma, to overcome their greatest fears and to reach their greatest triumphs, even to give birth with reduced pain.

Not because I am anything special, but because my journey has led me to these gifts and it is my gift to share.

But the challenge is to find the people who can benefit from my talents, the people who are open to putting the power of hypnotherapy to work in their lives and applying it to their challenges.

My challenge is to spread the word of how powerful this tool is and how I can help them with what they face without being chasey and/or salesy.

No small task getting people to raise their hand.

If you could benefit from hypnotherapy, or if you know someone who is facing health challenges, bumping up against blocks and limitations, or stress and anxiety, raise your hand, or send someone you care about my way.

It is only through your sharing that I can give my gift to those who need it and can truly benefit from it.


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