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Alpha Male Detox – Day One. Going Vegan…

I have ditched meat and dairy and been eating fruits and vegetables and a little whole grain for two weeks, which I think was a good prep for the cleanse. I got a slow speed masticating juicer and pounds of apples, bag of lemons and tons of other fruit and vegetables. Also spring water, alkaline water and coconut water. 

Up with the sun at 6 am and prepared the coffee for the enema. I have had enemas before prior to medical procedures including the chemical flush before a colonoscopy, so the idea of it isn’t a big deal. The Alpha Male Detox program outlined everything quite nicely and I got a nice stainless-steel bucket and was all prepared.

Still, no matter how familiar, or how prepared, the act of doing it requires some fortitude. I mean, let’s face it, self-administering a process in the nether region isn’t for the faint of heart. But the benefits that I know will come from it drive me forward (or back, as it were).

I put classical music on the speaker and as luck would have it, the mood was set by Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyrie! How appropriate. 

It took almost an hour to get through the whole amount. At first, I couldn’t take that much, and what I took I couldn’t hold very long. But it got easier as I went. And toward the end, I had a really pleasant feeling in my abdomen, like happy organs. Clean up was really easy because I had the right tools and preparation. And just like that, my first enema was finished. I had no real cramping- other than pressure trying to hold it in for as long as possible. And the evacuation!

About 30 minutes after I made my first round of juice. Apples, lemon and ginger. It tasted so good. Within 30 minutes I needed to make some more juice, I was hungry! This time I added a beet to the original mix. I sat back and watched a webinar on marketing for about an hour and felt sleepy so I closed my eyes and rested for 15 minutes.

I awoke hungry! I drank a bunch of alkaline water while I prepared another round of juice. I added celery and carrots and another beet thinking that would satisfy some of the hunger. Not so much.  I downed a bunch more alkaline water.

Only once during the day did I feel the need for a somewhat urgent evacuation, but it wasn’t a big deal. No dizziness or headaches or any real physical unpleasantness.

I juiced twice more before the sun went down. In the late afternoon, I rested for another 20-minute power nap when I was feeling a little tired. I didn’t fight it, instead honoring what my body was telling me. I got up and returned to the computer for some more work. I really felt hungry, but satisfied the cravings with water.

 At this point, I prepared another round of coffee and did another enema. This time I could take more in each time and could hold it longer. I got through the bucket in about a half hour. Except for the fact that I forgot to prime the hose to start and I got a shot of air at the beginning, the second round went very smoothly.

I prepared another round of juice with fruit and vegetables and chugged it. After, I wound down for the night and set my intentions for day two.

Aside from the bouts of hunger that I was able to tame with water, and the shot of air I got in the second enema, the day went exceedingly smoothly. There was a bit of fogginess, but I just rested and it passed.

All in all, it was a good day and a great start to the three day detox.

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