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Cleansing & Detoxing – Day Two

Day two of my Alpha Male Detox began at 6:30 with enema prep and once set up I tuned iHeart radio the classical channel and as I started, I was treated to Rossini’s William Tell Overture, which set the tempo and the mood.

I was even more efficient now that I was practiced and I could accept more and hold it longer and I got through it in about half the time as day one.

After the enema, I drank quite a bit of alkaline water and felt really good and held off juicing for a little while. When I did do my first round of juice, I stuck to the basic apples and lemon and after, I didn’t have the hunger pains I did the day before.

I meditated for an hour and reached a very centered and peaceful place. 

After meditation I had an amazing amount of energy and felt mentally very sharp as I worked away on my computer and took phone calls. This experience was in sharp contrast to the Ayurvedic cleanses that I did when I was in the midst of the cancer. Then I restricted all activity, was quiet and reflective and spent time meditating and journaling. In those cleanses, I had organic oatmeal for breakfast and steamed vegetables and rice or kitcheree for lunch and dinner. While the menu was kind of boring, I never felt hungry like I did yesterday.

The energy I had today was incredible. After my second round of juice at mid-day- this time I threw in a beet, some carrots, a pear and ginger with the apples and lemon- I felt like my pre-cancer self for the first time since before my surgery and radiation.

The thyroid regulates metabolism and I no longer have one. I take a pill each day to provide the thyroid hormone, but getting the level right has been tricky and I have never felt the same in my post-cancer life. But today was different. I have tried vitamins, supplements, energy drinks, coffee- nothing has given me the energy I felt today, and all of these things have side effects.

Of course, I hit a bit of a wall mid-afternoon, but I whipped up another batch of delicious juice and was back in the saddle. One thing was clear, and I was glad for it, I didn’t have the hunger issue that I had on day one. 

Despite hitting the wall, I didn’t need to nap and I didn’t feel foggy. Rather, I stayed sharp all day. I drank even more alkaline water today than I did yesterday, staying fully hydrated. It was hot and humid, which could have had something to do with it, but either way, staying hydrated is really important.

There is no doubt that I am looking forward to solid food after tomorrow, but this is completely doable. You just have to commit to the program and it isn’t hard. Even with others in the house eating solid food I remained committed. I’ll admit, when I saw my daughter’s sandwich that she made for lunch I had a covetous moment as my mouth began to water and I visualized myself taking a big bite out of it. But the moment passed and I just made another batch of juice. 

I made another batch of coffee and administered the second round and got through it even more efficiently. Again, having the right equipment is very helpful and coupled with a growing proficiency, the act is far less imposing than at first.

As with my previous cleanses, I stayed very present. I practiced mindfulness as I prepared the enemas, the juice and undertook the cleanup, taking my time and staying in the moment.

Just before I turned in for the night I weighed myself and I lost four pounds. As I sign off, I’m looking forward to day three and completing the cleanse. The benefits range from cleaning out my “pipes” to shedding some fat to regaining energy and mental acuity. And the feeling of accomplishment for completing something that I put my mind to that is healthy and an expression of self-care. At the same time, I’m looking forward to breaking the fast and eating some solid food!

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