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Three Day Cleanse – Final Thoughts

Day three of my cleanse program began with the feeling that the end was in sight. Not that this process has been terribly awful. It is just the idea of no solid food for three days, periodic hunger pains and a little brain fog between juicing, it’s just that the mind must adjust. And the body must follow.

Moving into the bathroom about 645, I prepared the enema and assumed the position. Three days in, this process has become familiar and I have achieved a level of efficiency that 1) moved me past the negative preconceived notions of enemas; and 2) took far less time than initially.

Today I did not warm the water and as it permeated my intestinal tract I could feel its progress with a coolness that fueled my presence and mindfulness, hyper-aware of the path of the cool coffee mixture and understand just how deep into my body I was cleansing. It was really cool.

On this morning, the classical radio station I was listening to on Iheart Radio conspired with the universe to downplay the drama of the first two days as it belted out a nondescript and far less dramatic overture by Dvorak. Nevertheless, it was a soothing backdrop to the stride to which I hit and the bucket was drained before I knew it.    

I then moved to the back porch for my morning meditation. I usually try to get 45 minutes to an hour in, but today my mind was so active that after 30 minutes of noticing and pushing out invading thoughts, I ended the session without judgement.

As I prepared for my first round of juicing I approached it with a new-found appreciation for the fruits and vegetables that would sustain me. I cut up apples, beets, sweet red peppers, a lemon and ginger. Looking across the counter in the kitchen at the doughnuts, instead of creating longing, repulsed me. I finished me preparation and savored the sweet nectar. After, I cleaned the juicer and prep area completely present and with gratitude.

I juiced three more times throughout the day and afternoon taking a great deal of pleasure from different fruit and vegetable pairings. I did apples, peaches, papaya, pineapple and ginger. Then I did apples, lemon beets and ginger. Then I did apples, peach, watermelon and ginger. After each, the energy level was through the roof. But it wasn’t like anything I had reached for before- not sugary energy drinks, not supplements, not drugs, not coffee. My body and mind rushed in a graceful, natural way and I felt more like myself- the little wiry guy bouncing off the walls with boundless energy- than I have since the cancer. 

By late afternoon I had a little fade and honored what my body was telling me by taking a 20-minute nap. I push myself pretty hard, even during detox, and can get down on myself for seemingly unproductive behavior like naps, but in this case, it was natural and I surrendered to the urge. I awoke a little groggy, but guess what I did? Yep, I made another batch of juice and was immediately back in the saddle.

Another important part of this is remaining hydrated, especially since we have been in the middle of a bit of a heat wave, which increased the importance of taking enough water. I drank a gallon of alkaline water throughout the day.

By late evening I weighed in and had lost 4.5 pounds. I felt great and I had an amazing feeling of accomplishment that I had followed through with my plan, remained disciplined and adhered closely with the program. And it yielded results- healthy weight loss, mental clarity and connection with my body.

In late evening, I went and visited a friend and broke the fast with fresh, chilled watermelon. The first few bites of solid food were glorious! And that it was sweet, fresh watermelon just served to elevate the elation to a whole new level. I returned and slept like a baby.

Tomorrow I complete the process with a saltwater flush- from the other end!

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