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Are you hiding?

If you ride a motorcycle, especially on the freeways and highways of southern California, the first law that you learn, and it’s not in the Vehicle Code, is that no one sees you.

No one.

Not even when they look right at you!

So motorcyclists have a recognition behavior. It’s a down-low wave.

And if you don’t ride, or you’re not paying close attention, you’ll miss it. But not the other motorcyclist, they saw it and returned it.

It says to other motorcyclists, “no one else sees you, but I see you.”

In our busy modern life, we often don’t want to be seen and hide in any number of ways.

When we do come out into the “open” it’s through carefully groomed social media personas. Even if this isn’t your intent, you still do it.

But hiding creates issues and over time can compound, magnified by our self-talk and thinly veiled by a host of defense mechanisms.

Sometimes all we need to do to get past the experiences that lead us to hide is enter a deeply relaxed state and focus our mind on our younger self our inner child.

If you’re done hiding and ready to resolve a thing, or two, that you’ve been holding on to, and/or hiding from, let’s talk.

A well-placed hug and I love you to that younger you could just be what it takes to lift the weight of the world.

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