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Exercise Your Power

Seven years ago yesterday I underwent a radical thyroidechtomy and lymphadenectomy.

The experience and the chain reaction of events forever altered my life.

A cancer diagnosis affects a person in ways that cannot be fully imagined or appreciated unless and until you actually experience it. And importantly, it affects everyone around you.

It is at times like these that Dr Viktor Frankl’s adage that between stimulus and response lies a space and in that space lies your power.

In other words, how you choose to respond to something will determine whether you come from a place of power or weakness.

I chose to realign myself. I read widely from inspirational teachers who had themselves undergone transformative experiences.

I came to understand that it is our birthright to have in our heart space love and peace. Their opposites are fear and conflict.

When I feel fear or conflict, I concentrate on my heart center and realigning love and peace.

As a result, I chose to put myself into the service of others.

My modality is hypnotherapy. The power of the subconscious mind cannot be overestimated.

Modern society and the noise from conventional media, social media, electronics and other technology creates an overload of stimulus and literally creates a state of hypnosis for large segments of society.

People are walking around in highly suggestible trance states and don’t even know it.

But the thought of going to a hypnotherapist seems crazy even though the modality is natural, organic, non invasive and does not include medication.

Even in the face of scholarly articles and medical studies demonstrating the efficacy of hypnotherapy for such conditions as cancer, anesthesia, IBS, tinnitus, fears and phobias and countless other maladies many remain cynical.

The range of applications for hypnotherapy is as wide and diverse as human action itself. You need only believe and be willing to apply.

I have successfully deployed hypnotherapy in my life and in the lives of many clients.

Who do you know who could benefit from hypnotherapy? Raise the topic with them.

And then send them my way for a free 30 minute consultation to see if hypnotherapy can help them.

It could alter their life in measurable ways.

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