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A Powerful Beginning

I have had many amazing experiences using hypnotherapy to help people, but nothing even comes close to using hypnobirthing to help my daughter with the delivery of her two children.

She came to me afraid because every woman she had ever met told her terrible stories about pain and misery. She said she wanted a natural childbirth but was afraid of the pain. I was taking pre-and post-surgery hypnotherapy certification and the amazing Lisa Machenberg who was teaching the course also taught hypnobirthing, so I bought her outline and took Britt through six sessions.

This was a critical time, her husband, Joe, was deployed in Iraq with his Marine unit and her mom was her coach. The experience was amazing.

There was not no pain, but it was over in about 24 minutes. The nurses delivered because the doctor didn’t get there in time.

So, when the opportunity arose again, we jumped right in. This time we included hubby. The longest part of this delivery was the three hours of labor waiting to sufficiently dilate. Once there, it was three pushes over 15 minutes and the baby shot out and the doctor caught her!

During this time, Britt had the recording of the hypno session playing out loud. The nurses and the doctor were amazed and when Britt told them it was her dad, more so.

Who do you know who could benefit from a more natural, powerful beginning?

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