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About Us

After my lifestyle made me sick and my illness changed the course of my life, I decided to find meaning in the experience and vowed to never again engage in the behaviors that led to my illness.

But what exactly were the factors?

After deep reflection and hard work – change is hard! – I did a deep dive into research that was off the conventional path…

Teachers began to appear and as the saying goes, when I changed the way I looked at things, the things I looked at changed.

My research led me to understand how cancer really develops and our own role in that development and how we can reverse the actions, behaviors and emotions to reignite our powerful immune system so that it can do its job.

I learned about ways to engage in my own healing and recovery that were natural and noninvasive. And I detailed my findings in my book, Take Charge of Your Cancer, so that I can share them with you.

And I undertook study and research into the powerful subconscious mind and techniques for moving past the programming that our subconscious holds onto, which makes change so hard.

We have about 60,000 thoughts a day and about 90 percent of them are the same as they were yesterday. This is why change is so hard.

Come, let’s put the power of your subconscious mind to work for you today!

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