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Hypnotize Me with Dr. Liz

Join Dr. Liz for a fascinating conversation with Norman Plotkin who changed his life after cancer and became a hypnotherapist and intuitive healer. We talk about:

  • What happened in his life to lead him to where he is right now
  • The 7 empowering things to do when you have cancer
  • Various emotional links to diseases and conditions
  • The mind’s urge for emotional homeostasis.


About Norman Plotkin

After his lifestyle made him sick and his illness changed the course of his life, Norman decided to find meaning in the experience and vowed to never again engage in the behaviors that led to his illness.

Teachers began to appear and as the saying goes, when he changed the way, he looked at things, the things he looked at changed.

His research led him to understand how cancer really develops and our own role in that development and how we can reverse the actions, behaviors, and emotions to reignite our powerful immune system so that it can do its job.

He’s the author of “Take Charge of Your Cancer,” and “Master Mind, Master Life.”

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Hypnosis and Colon Health

About the Colon Health Podcast

Co-hosted by Dr. Dac Teoli and Ariel Bridges, the Colon Health Podcast features guest interviews with expert physicians, leading researchers, nutritional scientists, integrative health specialists, and other foremost experts in colon health.

Podcast: Hypnosis and Colon Health

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear ‘hypnosis?’ Perhaps it’s someone clucking like a chicken at a fair, or a swinging pocket watch with someone saying, “You are getting very sleepy!” While today’s episode is rather hypnotizing, it’s going to share a side of hypnosis that you may not have previously known existed.

Norman Plotkin is a nationally accredited hypnotherapist, author, public-speaker, and cancer-survivor. He’s unveiling the truth behind hypnotherapy and how it could be the missing key you’ve been looking for to manage your gut health and improve your life.


Highlights from Today’s Episode

  • What hypnotherapy is and what it’s used for
  • A brief history of hypnotherapy
  • Norman’s three step process to drilling down to the root cause of health problems
  • How hypnotherapy can help with GI issues specifically
  • Advice for someone who is hesitant and/or curious about hypnotherapy


Norman Plotkin on with Dr. Dac & Ariel Bridges

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