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Advocating for Health, Wellness and Sustainability

Norman Plotkin is a former lobbyist who turned his advocacy skills away from fortune 500 companies and toward people- engaging in consulting strategies for lasting, organic behavioral change, health and wellness.

If you have cancer we can help you put the power of your subconscious mind to work for you. If you are struggling to overcome a painful past experience, if you have a habit or behavior that no longer serves you, or you would like to reduce the stress and anxiety in your life, hypnotherapy can help you reach your goals faster and easier than anything you have tried before.

You deserve an approach with values that are based on compassion and respect. When you see Norman Plotkin you will find someone who cares about your individual needs, and strives to exceed all of your expectations.

Putting the latest techniques in hypnotherapy to work for you, we will devise an individualized program with your goals at the forefront. Each session is one on one with a certified, experienced hypnotherapist trained in the most effective and advanced hypnotherapy techniques in the world.

Change is difficult and there are powerful tools that are non-invasive and non-chemical that are within reach and will yield lasting results.

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From stress and anxiety relief to the seven proven steps to healing and recovery, let’s put you in charge of your health plan. Let’s begin with my book- Take Charge of Your Cancer. Then, we can explore the efficacy of hypnotherapy in the cancer setting as demonstrated by a growing body of research.

Pain Relief Without Drugs

Pain is subjective. Pain is emotional. The emotions reside in the subconscious mind, which is why hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool in addressing pain. Narcotics do not treat the pain, they mask it. Wouldn’t you rather use your own mind than take a pill?

Pre- and Post- Surgery Preparation

Studies have shown that when hypnotherapy is administered prior to and after surgery people experience better outcomes and faster healing. And because they also experience less pain, there is less reliance on pain medication.

Emotional Release

Emotions can be painful. A common defense mechanism people use to hide from the impact of painful emotions is to supress them, shove them down deep inside. Unresolved emotions from these depths operate on our physical chemistry and sickness and disease can emerge. Hypnotherapy is a powerful modality for emotional release. 

Smoking Cessation

Despite all we know about the dangers of smoking, people still smoke. Cigarettes have a very strong association to daily activities. And we know about the habit forming properties of nicotine. Put a proven method to work for you today.


Persistent stress, tension, fears, hypervigilence. Post traumatic stress disorder consists of a series of symptoms that arise from a traumatic event which occurs in one’s life. Hypnotherapy has emerged as a credible, evidence-based option for those who have experienced trauma because it deals with the subconscious where the cumulative memories and their triggers reside.



Unexpressed emotions will never die.
They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.

— Sigmund Freud



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