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Triple Play Performance Podcast Appearance Part 1: Is Hypnosis a True Healing Technique?


Norman Plotkin is a cancer survivor, certified clinical hypnotherapist, advocate for people, and Author of two books, Take Charge of your Cancer and Master Mind Master Life – a book on the history of hypnosis and its ancient beginnings.

A former public policy consultant and lobbyist, he made a decisive life change after battling cancer and emerged with a newfound perspective on life and living. Norman has a passion for utilizing and understanding the subconscious mind and its power, through natural processes such as hypnotherapy and coaching. Norman helps clients overcome a wide range of issues that impact the human condition, such as health, behavior, and performance. He aims to serve his clients and help them discover their power!

Throughout all his struggles Norman has persevered and wishes to help others persevere in their lives. He is kind, spiritual, and determined to share his knowledge with those who seek it.


Listen to the podcast here.


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