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Stop Anxiety with Hypnotherapy - from running your life eliminate panic attacks and phobias, relieve stress and insomnia, let go of the past

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy - a highly effective process to stop smoking without withdrawals, pills or patches

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy - an affordable process to lose weight fast without surgery, medicine or meal plans

Struggling With A Serious Illness? - take charge of your sickness with hypnotherapy as I did. Get the first chapter of my book free.

Change Unwanted Behaviours, Beliefs And Habits - quickly and easily with hypnotherapy. Learn the keys to turn your life around and overcome

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Book your FREE consultation today or call (916) 275-0796 to speak with Norman Plotkin CHt

Online Virtual Sessions Available from the Comfort of Your Home or Office

Recent Testimonials

Chronic Pain and Trauma

“Norm has changed my life!! I have been dealing with debilitating chronic pain for about 15 years. It has gotten gradually worse and the last nine years have been especially bad. I decided about a year ago to find a better way than medications to deal with the pain, depression, and fatigue. … Norm has helped me deal with the root of the pain I’ve been in. From terrible traumas as a child and young adult… Norm has helped me get out of that dark place and live my life again.

— Patty R.

Kick the Sugar Habit - Emotional Health Restored

“I had a wonderful experience with hypnotherapy! I was able to kick my sugar habit after years of struggling on my own. I had no idea that emotional baggage was to blame…We are continuing to work on other issues…Thank you Norm !”

— Sandra M.

Smoking Cessation with Hypnosis

“I had a great experience with hypnosis from Norm. I used hypnosis for smoking cessation. Norm was really committed to helping me ditch the habit. I had one session which worked very well but really wanted to solidify the work by doing and additional session. I even had to reschedule a few times and Norm was super patient with me. I recommend hypnosis with Norm for anyone that is committed to quitting smoking.”
—  Jamie C.

Angel R. Gold River CA

I had never experienced hypnotherapy, so I literally had no preconceived knowledge of what to expect. He spent an ample amount of time getting to know me, my story... my past and current struggles, and I felt completely comfortable come time for the hypnotherapy. It was very relaxing. Felt much like a guided meditation with the intent of taking me exactly where I needed to go. All and all a wonderful experience. I struggle with chronic pain, chronic depression, and chronic illness... just to name a few. I knew my road to recovery would not be an easy one, and I was at a very desperate part of my life. I have tried all modalities to healthcare, and nothing has helped thus far! I am desperate for relief. The following day, I felt noticeably different. I was connected to my body and my emotions... feeling joy and sadness, which have been quite numb for a very long time. Coincidence, maybe. But I am intrigued none the less. Looking forward to my next visit. More to come!

Stress, Negative Thinking & Insomnia

"Norman is very kind, personable, and knowledgeable... I immediately started to feel much more calm and positive, I started sleeping better, and I actually woke up refreshed, positive, and happy... I am so grateful to Norman, and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to try hypnotherapy, and seeks healing and empowerment in their lives."

Dr. Indhushree Rajan Internationally published author, speaker and clinical psychologist

Achieve Success With Hypnosis

Using hypnosis to create positive changes in the subconscious mind.

Norman Plotkin C.Ht.


A Few Years Ago, I Was Fighting For My Life Against One Of The World’s Worst Diseases…


Since then, I have recovered, helped, and shared my story with countless others through my writing, speaking, and one-on-one therapy.


To open the door to infinite living! Drilling down to the root cause of your issue so you can get your life back is my unwavering promise to you! You will see your issue in a different way than you have seen it before. Fixing it will be easier than you ever imagined because we will make a connection that has never been made before.

Through my next-generation, proven, three step process, lasting change will follow. This will lead to empowerment so that you finally resolve your problem. Making sure you find value and have your life improved is at the heart of the hypnotherapy work I do.

Education & Certifications

Hypnotherapy Services

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Losing weight and keeping it off is much easier than you probably think. Losing weight with hypnosis is absolutely the best and easiest way to diet and maintain it.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Use the power of hypnosis to break your habit of smoking.  You can now quit smoking without cravings, pills, patches, or gaining weight with hypnosis fast.

Stress & Anxiety Hypnosis

Take control of your life with anxiety and stress management.  Hypnotherapy stress management can reduce stress and restore health and relationships.

Pain Management

Personalized attention is the key to effective pain management through hypnotherapy.  Hypnosis can help you manage the pain.

Hypnosis for Insominia

Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep during the night?  Finally, sleep sound and get a good night’s rest with hypnosis.

Relief From Fear & Phobias

Fear is felt over something dangerous and realistically menacing. Phobia is a persistent fear. Find relief from your fears and anxieties with hypnosis.

Improve Sports Performance

Hypnosis can help athletes improve their game by learning to relax under pressure, maintain focus, and break bad habits.

Hypnosis for Cancer Recovery

Using powerful hypnotherapy techniques, you can learn how to relieve the stress and anxiety that comes with cancer… And help you achieve true healing.

Stop Vaping with Hypnosis

You thought vaping was going to be a good substitute for smoking and found out it’s just as bad.  Hypnosis to break the vaping habit.

Hypnosis PTSD

Stress. Tension. Fear. PTSD is the result of traumatic events that create subconscious triggers. Hypnotherapy has emerged as a viable option because it directly targets these triggers.

Hypnosis for Children

Helping the little ones feel better about life and reduce stress.

Surgery Preparation

When hypnotherapy is administered before and after surgery, you can experience a better outcomefaster healing, and increased happiness.

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